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About Us

Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland with additional presence in Singapore, Denmore Technologies Ltd are specialists in providing advanced system solutions for a wide range of industry sectors including offshore but also for defence applications.

Our portfolio covers sky to seabed, providing fully engineered system solutions to support and verify the construction, operation and maintenance of wind energy, oil & gas and subsea mineral extraction assets.

With a focus on digital instrumentation and data systems and a portfolio of our standard electronic and software building blocks and products, we can configure and integrate complex systems easily and reliably, with minimised system development, delivering reduced cost & schedule whilst maximising system reliability and simplifying lifetime support.

The Industry Sectors We Support

Subsea Oil & Gas

Offshore Renewable Energy

Subsea Minerals Extraction

Offshore Marine Construction

Ocean Science


As a systems solutions provider we can assist clients from initial identification of needs, through detailed engineering and FEED stages to construction, systems integration, installation and setting to work and then through lifetime support and upgrades.

Our scope typically includes subsea instruments, data acquisition systems, ROV/autonomous data communications and surface graphic data visualisation, recording and hand-off to client data systems.

Where remote systems access is available we also provide remote field support from our facilities allowing early and effective intervention and assistance anywhere in the world, if the client needs that support. This remote accessed service has been particularly useful in places such as Gulf of Mexico, Australia and in other less accessible places.

With our in-house electronics and software design capabilities, we have a large portfolio of common building blocks we use, some of which have been productised, eliminating most of the risk incurred in developing new systems. Where third party instruments are to be incorporated we can procure these and integrate them into the overall system, managing and converting diverse data protocol formats to simplify and improve the efficiency of data communications.


Our system solutions are available as fully integrated systems, modular subsystems and instruments and also as configurable OEM modules to suit client-specific needs. Using pre-qualified and field proven integration building blocks and products significantly reduces integration time and delivers lower cost and much higher reliability than development of systems within a unique project and assurance that critical tasks are not interrupted by downtime in the field.

Motion & attitude sensing instruments

Data acquisition

Remote subsea displays

ROV Multiplexors

Communications Systems

Stress & Fatigue Monitoring

Subsea Power Systems

Application specific graphic software applications

Specialist OEM Products

Our product list is extensive, covering a wide range of applications. To explore our products further click here:

Technology Development

Where an application requires unique electronic hardware that is not available in the market or in our portfolio of building blocks or products it may be necessary to create a new electronic design. Our rapid in-house design, manufacturing and qualification capabilities can achieve consistently reliable results through re-use of pre-developed design standards, methods and layout principles.

Similarly with embedded software, our stock library of pre-written and proven code and function blocks allows rapid and reliable pick-and-drop code creation, accelerating the process of professional code production.

Where required our designs may require to be rigorously tested under temperature extremes and under high shock & vibration loadings. This is managed in-house with independent testing being undertaken in approved laboratories.

In-house circuit card design

In-house embedded and PC software code development

Product manufacturing facility

Shock & vibration testing at TuV Sud Laboratories, Singapore

Systems Integration & Testing

Our facilities in UK and Singapore provide extensive final systems integration to allow the full system to be fully connected together and then tested as a fully operating system.

Where interfaces to third party equipment is not available, depending on specific project requirements we can create software and hardware simulators to emulate functionality that is not available or cannot be moved to the test location. In this way we can create a fully working environment that will eliminate most risks when deploying in the field for the first time.

System Integration area for subsea survey data systems

Topside master control station (MCS) ready for system testing

Subsea controls HPU in system Integration test

Upgraded SCM undergoing FAT and SIT testing

Our track record in delivering integrated system solutions is extensive, covering many diverse applications. To see example case studies, please click here:

After Sales Support

Full lifecycle support including training, maintenance, repair and spare parts is available via our service centres in UK and Singapore.
Due to our philosophy of using common building blocks we can provide spare parts, repairs and upgrades many years after initial purchase giving the owner and user peace of mind that their investment is secure and supportable on a long term basis by our expert service personnel.
In the event that third party manufacturers’ equipment becomes obsolete and cannot be repaired, we can provide conversion services on our system software that may be required to allow fitting of updated equipment.

Latest News:

NuStar Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore has been appointed sole agents for Denmore Technologies’ products, services and support for the Asia Pacific, Middle East and African markets...